What IS NodeJS


What IS NodeJS

By bangarsanju12

Nodejs is a JavaScript runtime which enables us to run JavaScript at server. NodeJS is built on top of JavaScript v8 engine which lets you run JavaScript in server side . One of the key aspect of NodeJS is its highly efficient and scalable with its NON-BLOCKING feature .

Nodejs is a JavaScript runtime environment provided to run JavaScript applications in server side . It is similar to JRE in Java World .

Node.js is open source and runs on varieties of platforms including Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X .

Nodejs And Javascript

JavaScript is the language used in browser side to effectively communicate and do DOM related manipulations . Let’s say you want to animate text , change Color on click etc. . Back in days of Netscape JavaScript was targeted to be used for both frontend and backend . But with day by day JavaScript was most preferred in frontend side of the application , hence JavaScript got the tag pf frontend technology with it . With NodeJS JavaScript can be used extensively in backend as well to communicate with OS and do stuff like read file , write file etc.

Features Of NodeJS

Some of the common and important features of Node Js are
  1. Asynchronous and Non-Blocking I/O
  2. High Performance – Being non blocking and Google V8 engine as its core , it has huge edge on performance . Being Single threaded but non blocking adds to its performance .
  3. Scalability
  4. Fits in real-time applications.

Who uses NodeJS

Most of the companies are switching to nodejs as a development stack , as it becomes easy to hire resources and a single tech stack fulfills both frontend and backend .Some of the companies that uses nodejs as their tech stack are
  1. Google
  2. Yahoo
  3. Uber
  4. E-bay

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